Appointed Staff

Cheryl D. Bahn, Borough Secretary; Treasurer

Todd A. Ziegler, assistant Borough Secretary; Treasurer

D. Michael Craley, Borough Solicitor

James R. Holley & Associates, Inc., Borough Engineer

Zoning & Codes Enforcement Officer Jeff Koons,Assistant Zoning & Codes Enforcement Officer Todd Ziegler

UCC Permit Offficer and 3rd Party Inspector South Penn Codes

David W. Meiler, Emergency Management Coordinator


South Penn Code Consultants, LLC., Sewage Enforcement Officer

Klugh Animal Control Service, Animal Control Officer

Tax Collector and District Justice

Seven Valleys Borough elects a Tax Collector for a four-year term. The Tax Collector collects all real estate and per capita taxes levied on Borough property owners and residents.

Connie J. Patterson, Tax Collector 717-428-2179

Tom Reilly, District Justice 717-225-3301