Borough Council

SevenValleys has an elected 7-member Borough Council which plays a central role in borough government. Council sets policy, enacts legislation, adopts budgets, controls expenditures, appoints advisory commissions and boards, and hires employees. Council members are elected to four year terms, with either 3 or 4 members up for election every 2 years.

Council elects a president, vice-president, and president pro tem from its ranks. The president, in coordination with council, appoints council committees and chairpersons, who are responsible for overall policy implementation.

Council Members and Committees

Deb Ferree, York Adams Tax Bureau Representative

Gary L. Landis, Street & Maintenance Committee

Gregory W. Kinard, Council Vice-President ; Finance Committee

Rebecca A. Kinard, Ordinance Committee; Local Government Advisory Committee, Alternate

William H. Stiles, II, Finance Committee;

Zachary W. Stiles, President: York Adams Tax Bureau Alternate; Streets & Maintenance Committee>

John J. Neal, Ordinance Committee; Streets & Maintenance Committee; Finance Committee: Ordinance Committee